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Chinese Fried Rice Recipe

1 tbsp, vegetable oil
2 small handfuls of frozen peas
1 egg, beaten
10-12 king prawns
A pinch of salt, or to taste
250g, long grain rice, boiled
1 tsp soya sauce, or to taste
Spring onions, sliced (optional)
How to cook Chinese Fried Rice
Heat oil in a wok, on high heat until hot.     

Pour beaten egg into wok, stirring constantly. When egg has cooked a little into a scramble (about a minute or two) add frozen peas, king prawns and stir for a minute.     

Next add in the boiled rice into the wok and fry for three minutes.     

Add salt and soya sauce to taste and fry for another three minutes.

Extra notes: For extra garnishes add 1 bunch chopped spring onions.


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