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Red Chile Enchiladas

Spray oil8 corn tortillas
8 ounces mild cheddar cheese, shredded

How to make Red Chile Enchiladas Recipe
1. "Soften" the tortillas
Give one of the tortillas a quick burst of spray oil on both sides then lay it in a plastic tortilla warmer or on a towel. Spray the next tortilla on one side and lay it on the first one with the sprayed side up. Do the same thing with the remaining tortillas. Put the top on the tortilla warmer or fold the towel over them and microwave for 35 seconds on high.
2. Roll the enchiladas
Put about ¾ ounce of cheese in a line just off center of a tortilla and roll it into a tight cylinder around the filling. Repeat the process, making a total of 8 enchiladas. The enchiladas can be made to this point several hours before serving and refrigerated
3. Heat the enchiladas
To serve, put two enchiladas, side by side, on each of 4 serving plates. Cover the enchiladas with equal portions of the sauce and top with the cheese. Microwave each plate, separately, for about 45 seconds on high.


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